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Life of youth in Great Britain.

Реферати / Англомовні матеріали / Life of youth in Great Britain.

The home is the central focus of most people’s lives in Britain, particularly for those who are still attending school. The majority relies upon their home environment as a place of security and upon their parents as the main providers of food, money and other necessary amenities for life, as well as general advice. Young people spend a lot of their leisure time in the home with other members of their family or with friends.

After the home, school is the main social environment where children not only receive their formal education but also develop their identities within peer groups. All schoolchildren in Great Britain are encouraged to take up activities, which complement their academic and vocational education and help to identify their individual talents, such as sports, drama, music and creative pursuits. Many of these form part of school curricula.

The Youth Service in Britain also promotes the personal development and informal social education of young people aged 11-25. A recent survey estimated that nearly 6 million young people in this age group are either current or past participants in the Service.

Youth clubs and centres are the most common types of Youth Service provision. They encourage their members to participate in sport, cultural and creative activities, and community service.

Many foundations and trusts provide finance for activities, which develop the latent talents of Britain’s youth. The Prince’s Trust and the Royal Jubilee Trust, for example, help individuals and organisations active in youth-oriented projects related to urban deprivation, unemployment and young offending.

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