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Minsk tractor works

The history of Minsk Tractor Works dates back to May 26, 1946 when the decision to construct it was taken. According to the project, the enterprise was to produce 50 tracked farm tractors a day. The production developed step by step while the enterprise was under construction. In 1948-1958, the enterprise introduced into production PD-10 starting motors, D-35 diesel engines, KD-35 tracked tractors, KT-12, TDT-40, TDT-60 tracked logging tractors.

A team of design engineers was formed by the end of the 1950's and began to develop own designs. They created the Belarus MTZ-2 wheeled tractor with pneumatic tires, which defined the future specialization of the enterprise. The tractor was put into production in 1953. In 1957-1960, more than ten models of wheeled tractors were created and introduced, such as MTZ-5, MTZ-5K, MTZ-5L, MTZ-7 tractors and their modifications.

In 1958, Minsk Tractor Works made its one hundredth tractor.

In 1961, a significant achievement was made with the intro­duction of the MTZ-50 versatile wheeled tractor powered by a 55 h. p. engine. It became a basic model for a whole family of tractors for various applications. All the tractors had a high degree of unification and included the MTZ-52 high-flotation tractor model.

An intensive export development started with the introduc­tion of the MTZ-50/52 tractors. By the end of 1975, the export volume exceeded 18,000 units a year.

Minsk Tractor Works made its one-millionth tractor in November 1972.

In 1974, the MTZ-80 tractor was put into batch production. It had more power and higher capacity and was the most numerous tractor model in the world. A whole family of wheeled and tracked tractors for a variety of applications was implemented on the basis of this model. They include: MTZ-82 (4WD), MTZ-82R (for rise farming), MTZ-82N (for work in hilly environment), MTZ-82B (with reversible

workstation), MTZ-80X, MTZ-80X2 (for cotton farming), etc.

The enterprise was reorganized into the Production Association "Minsk Tractor Works" in 1975. Besides the parent enterprise it included Special Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant, Vitebsk Tractor Spare Parts Plant, Bobruisk

Tractor Parts and Assemblies Plant, and Main Specialized Design Bureau of Versatile Row-Crop Tractors. Smorgon Assemblies Plant was built and joined the Association in 1986. The two millionth Belarus tractor was assembled at the

main assembly line on March 24,1984.

In 1984, Minsk Tractor Works introduced its 100 h. p. MTZ-102 tractor in continuation of the development of the Belarus tractor design. The tractor had synchronized gearbox or could be fitted with its on-the-go shifting option; hydrostatic steering control; more powerful hydraulic hitch; new cab, and other Refinements.

The first improved samples of the 150 h. p. MTZ-142 tractor

were made in 1985. In order to satisfy the demand of individuals working on lim-

ited land surfaces for small agricultural machines, Minsk Tractor Works has started to manufacture mini-vehicles since 1978. It has developed and put into production motoblocks (5 h. p. MTZ-05, 6 h. p. MTZ-06, 8 h. p. MTZ-08BS, 12 h. p.

MTZ-12) and the 12 h. p. MTZ-082 four-wheel mini-tractors.

It has also introduced compact 22-35 h. p. tractors. The goal of Minks Tractor Works is to satisfy the customer's demand to the highest degree, substantially broaden the number of products, increase the production efficiency, qual-

ity and technical level of the products. Simplified design models, like 510, 512, 520, 522, 530, 532 have been put into production to meet the goal.

The enterprise has launched the production of 80-90 h. p. Belarus tractors equipped with new high-level components and systems (900/920, 950/952 models). In 1994, it stared to manufacture the 130 h. p. Belarus-1221 tractor.

The highly efficient and productive 150 h. p. Belarus-1522 tractor was put into production in 1999. Now, the new 250 h. p. Belarus-2522 tractor undergoes testing.

Minsk Tractor Works has organized the production of 15 special models based on the existing Belarus tractors and their components. Such models are designed for municipal services, forestry, mining, and material handling applications.

In 1995, the three millionth Belarus tractor was assembled at the main assembly line, and the number of exported tractors reached 500,000.

For its considerable contribution to the development of the industry and international cooperation Minsk Tractor Works has been awarded The Gold Mercury world prize. The Belarus tractors have won 26 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze

medals, and many diplomas at international exhibitions and fairs. Currently, there are 100 tractor manufacturers in the world. However, only 8 of them hold 96% of the tractor sales market. Minsk Tractor Works is among the eight. P/A "Minsk Tractor Works" develops, produces and exports wheeled tractors and spare parts, sets up production of tractors on the license basis, organizes and carries out servicing,

conducts operation and maintenance training. Today, Minsk Tractor Works holds above 50% share of the CIS tractor market and about 8% of the world tractor market. Minsk Tractor Works has produced more than 3 million of tractors for the 50 years of its existence. More than 500,000 of them have been exported to about 100 countries including USA, Canada, Germany, France, Egypt, Pakistan, etc.

In 1992, the enterprise produced only four tractor models. And today the customer can get 62 different models and more than 100 assembly options for all types of operating and climatic conditions taking into account demands, desires and

financial capabilities of the customer. The new generation of the Belarus tractors is represented by three families, such as compact tractors, versatile row-crop

tractors, general-purpose tractors. The family of compact tractors includes basic 6-35 h. p. models. The family of versatile row-crop tractors is represented by the

500,600,800,900,1000 series 50-130 h. p. models. The new family of general-purpose tractors includes 155-260 h. p. models. The "Belarus" tractors can be equipped with engines and units made by leading world companies. There are three

types of cab for them: compact, low-profile, and full-profile with the reversible workstation option. The new Belarus-1522 tractor, which has significant design

improvements, is powered by 150 h. p. diesel engine. It is equipped with 7-ton lift capacity hydraulic hitch, "Carraro" (Italy) front driving axle, "Bosch" (Germany) hydraulic system, ergonomic control panel in the cab. The new tractors have a lot of possibilities for attaching implements made by different manufacturers (currently more than 550 options are available). Reversable workstation option is available on all tractors of 800, 900,1000 series. Due to the wide versatility of the Belarus tractors, they can be effectively used the year round in various climatic conditions.

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