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About myself and my family

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Sergey. My full name is Kashpirovsky Sergey Vasilevish. I’m 17 years old. I was born in the family of an economist and an engineer.

My family is small. There are only three of us. I always delighted to have somebody to share my ideas with, to discuss things and the like, but it happens that sometimes I crave for loneliness to think about my problems, my mistakes and to look though my life.

I should like to begin with the oldest in the family – my farther. He is the head of it. He is a very hard-working person. And there’s a very good feature of his: if he starts doing something he is sure to do it up to the end. His favorite occupation is reading and watching TV. He is true father who devotes much time of his to bringing us up properly. He is always ready to come to our rescue. We highly appreciate this.

My mother is a nice looking woman of about 40. She isn’t tall, rather slim. The thing that catches your eye when you look at her is her charming smile. She is very easy to deal with. No wonder that she has got many friends. She is on good terms with our neighbours. When my mother is at home it seems the house is full of sunshine, jokes and laughter. She doesn’t like to lecture on people. That’s something I like very much about her. Thanks to our mother our family is very friendly, she does her best to make every member of the family feel happy and is always happy herself.

And mow I want to speak some sentences about myself. When I was 7, I went to school. I’m doing well at school. I’m especially good at history but I also cope with the rest of the subjects. And now I am a student of Donetsk Lyceum and in few days I’ll leave lyceum.

Last year I often wondered what I would be in future, what sphere of life I should choose. After a number of heated discussions with my parents and friends I decided to dwell my choice on history. I decided to take my entrance exams to the History department of Donetsk State University because I want to know History perfectly well. I think knowledge of history and foreign languages are necessary for my future job. I’m very sociable and it would be a pleasure for me to mix with many interesting people, to find out many new things, to become acquainted with different cultures of other nations of the world.

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