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My Lyceum

I am a student of Donetsk lyceum, which is situated in the center of the town, and it is a little part of Donetsk State University. Lyceum is a new type of special school. It was established in 1990. Every boy and girl having 9-year schooling and a good command of mathematics, physics, foreign language, history and other subjects may enter the lyceum. Two years ago I successfully passed examinations and entered the lyceum to the history department. By the way, there are 8 departments in our lyceum. They are biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, Ukrainian, history, Russian, Nova-Greek departments. I can say that Donetsk Lyceum uses the large popularity among the boys and girls who the 9th forms, because our classes and lectures are held by highly qualified teachers and professors from the University. That is why in our Lyceum is the creative atmosphere. Peoples write scientific works and reports. It promotes the development of high level of knowledge. That is why our students constantly take firsts places in different scientific congresses. There is the club Polyglot in our lyceum. Every year the open tournament of polyglots takes place there. A lot of pupils from schools come to it but the victory is always on the side of our pupils. There is a tradition in our lyceum to provide different intellectual competitions. This year we celebrate 10 years anniversary from the date of its foundation. As for me, this two years of my studying in Lyceum were very useful for me thanks to friendship atmosphere with my classmates and teachers. I hope that a lot of knowledge, which I took at lyceum, will be of great use in my life. And I very glad to be graduate of 2000 year.

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