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Environmental protection in Great Britain

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Our civilisation has gone so far in its development and polluted the environment to such an extend that is very difficult to reverse it to primordial nature. The poisoning of the World’s land, air and water in the fastest-spreading disease of civilisation.

Great Britain, as a highly developed industrial country also faces a monumental task in the restoring urban and rural environments. The ecological problems of Great Britain are of the same global scale.

Pollution is one of the most urgent problems to solve. Factories, power station and motor vehicles, pump large quantities of waste gases into the air. This is major cause of the greenhouse effect and global warming. Rivers and streams are also polluted by industrial waste from factories, chemical fertilisers and pesticides used by farmers. Since 1949 Britons have destroyed 95% of wild meadows, heats, fens and ancient woods. The trees are cut down to wood or burnt to dear the land for farming.

The British government has worked out the practical plan of action. The main items of the survival projects in Britain are:

a) overcoming the problem of air and water pollution;

b) protection of special nature sites;

c) conservation of the wildlife;

d) Control on the use of pesticides and nitrate fertilisers.

Besides the official there are many public international and local organisations which try to find solution to the problems at national and international levels such as: “Greenpeace”, “Friends of the Earth”.

So the Britons are the optimists. They are sure that people start pollution, people can stop it. Let it be so.

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