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Environmental protection in Ukraine

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Our civilisation has gone so far in its development and polluted the environment to such an extend that it is very difficult to reverse it to primordial nature that is why the topic of environmental protection is very actual facing Ukraine today.

Ukraine is suffering many environmental problems. Many of them have been caused by economic activities. There are many consequences of damaging the environment. One of them is water pollution. The Dnipro and others rivers are in danger. They are filled with poison: industrial waste, all kinds of chemical elements and pesticides. Industrial enterprises of large cities waste harmful substances into river and sea’s waters. The emissions destroy fishing industry and lead to a damage of wildlife.

Another problem is air pollution. For example, pumping waste gases from a power station or metallurgical plants do not get rid of them. The waste gases cause acid rains.

The next ecological problem is the problem of the Sea of Azov. The Sea of Azov is the special case. Because it is such a small sea, it becomes dirty very easily. Many industrial centres such as Mariupol, Berdyansk pour into the sea all kinds of chemicals. It naturally effects the state of the sea water and the shore line flora and fauna.

But the most terrible ecological problem of Ukraine is Chernobyl. The effect of Chernobyl disaster is dangerous and tragic, because we don’t know up to the end all the consequences of radioactive contamination.

Ukraine, as the member of World Community, is co-operating with international ecological organisation such as “Greenpease” for example.

As you see our country has many ecological problems and if our generation don’t do our best to solve these ecological problems we will have a global ecological catastrophe.

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