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My Future Profession

The right choice of profession is very important for the future of any young man. Sooner or later everyone has to make this choice.

My favourite subjects at school were English, Literature and History. I think my teachers were quite happy with my work that’s why they invited me to participate in contests in different subjects. I’m considered to be best at Literatures, Ukrainian, English, History, Computer Studies though I specialised in history, since history was not only my passion but also a serious interest in life because I wanted to connect my knowledge of history and English with my future profession. I like to spend much time on history. I enjoy researching some historical topics.

So as far as I’m concerned I had no dilemma in choosing my occupation. I decided to take my entrance exams to the History department of Donetsk State University because I want to know history perfectly well. I think knowledge of history and foreign languages are necessary for my future profession. I have to admit that I’m very sociable by nature and it would be a pleasure for me to mix with many interesting people, to find out many new things, to become acquainted with different cultures of other nations of the world. Now I am a student of first course of historical department. It is pity but I don’t know about my future profession. May be I’ll come in politic or business, may be I will write books or do something else. I want to be useful for our country and make a valuable contribution to its development.

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